I’m just a Wisconsin girl with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair. The Midwest is where I call home, and the place I feel most inspired by.

For as long as I can remember my favorite hobby was pulling out boxes of vhs films, and boxes of photographs and sifting through the hundreds of thousands of family photos, or watching endless hours of home videos. I would ask my mom “when was this?” and so the story would begin. To this day looking at printed flashy film photographs makes me all giddy inside.

In my early adult years, I found myself madly in love and on a constant adventure living on the coast of Charleston, South and getting lost in the heart of music Nashville, Tennessee. Falling and being in love in these cities inspired me more than I could ever put into words. I photographed my love, my day-to-day, my outings, my personal life. This need to document led me to then photographing other people’s love, and it became by far the most fulfilling.

Lover of the ocean, the coast, the 70's super 8 film cameras, being barefoot, shadows, golden light, the color green & blue, road trips to somewhere new, sunrises & sunsets, long conversations with friends, beach days, wild hair, boat rides, getting lost in new places, dancing, fish tacos, and good music.

Hi, I'm Sydney aka Syd

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A Minnesota & Wisconsin -based wedding photographer & videographer that incorporates a documentary approach to capturing destination, intimate, and outdoor weddings. 

If I'm not working, you can catch me cooking new recipes and searching fashion styles & popular items online... Jo West is my new obsession. You can check my Amazon storefront HERE as well as items still available from my online boutique (now closed sadly but you can still purchase things directly through me * coming soon on this site). You can also find me fishing, at the pool, or golfing at the country club with my love Corey, or trying out restaurants & coffee shops, hiking in state parks, or running at the gym. My 2024 goal is to cherish and be more present in my own life moments, making the little things as special. This summer I hope to head to the Wisconsin est coast and sit and enjoy the beach more. My past has allowed me to live in South Carolina, and Nashville - giving me the travel bug. I love that this business lets me not only meet new incredible people but also explore new sights and locations. 

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Absolutely obsessed with Sydney! She was so great at making my fiancé and I feel so comfortable! After a really horrific original experience with a prior photographer, Sydney worked with us so we were able to feel great about hiring her! Our engagement pics were incredible and I could not be more excited for our wedding!! 100000% recommend!

+ maria + brett


"Our engagement pics were incredible and I could not be more excited for our wedding!! 100000% recommend!"